Sunday, November 8, 2009

Athens - Dr. L Subramaniam

The song 'Lau Se Lau Jalti Hai' written by Gulzar was broadcast on Doordarshan channel during Olympics 2004 at Athens. I found its cassette at some store in 2007 and my favorite song has to be 'Let there be Love and Peace' by Bindu Seeta Subramaniam (the daughter of L Sub), followed next by the version recording of old Hindi film Guddi's song 'Hum ko Mann ki Shakti Dena' by Narayana Subramaniam (the elder son of L Sub). He was probably a teenager when this song was recorded and his voice truly reflects/ represents the lyrics by Gulzar. Converted to MP3 format in 2008, the scanned Inlay images - The credits note and the Front cover.

Dr. L Subramaniam's website download section has the title song 'Athens'.

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