Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tsunami Anthem - Usha Uthup

Not many know that sometime in mid-2006, there used to be a Tsunami anthem song in Tamil language aired on few channels - composed by Usha Uthup, sung by her and singers like SPB, Chitra, Srinivas, Karthik etc. The information on the same here, and a related article by The Hindu as well.

Those days, I found some news channel website having its video interview, and managed to rip the audio of the same. Here is the audio of Tsunami Anthem's interview of Usha Uthup and others after they were back from the sea-shoot. This is the video of the song: Tsunami Song Tamil

Usha Uthup's words in the interview are worth noting, "People forget disasters very soon, because there is always another one around the corner and that is what is sad." What she has said is very true in terms of life in general. But the cynic in me has a view which digresses from the whole point of her composing the Tsunami anthem - it means the people or politicians of India or both maybe?

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