Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bharathiar - the great poet

Bharathiar trivia of my life : I first got to know about this (great) man in 1997 when I was in 8th grade at school. We had a chapter in Hindi subject about him. His first name (Subrahmanya) was similar to my last name (i.e. father's name), many of my classmates thought he was related to me. That time I knew him only as a poetry-writing freedom fighter from Southern India who landed in my Hindi textbook instead of History. Then came the movie Kandukonden Kandukonden in the year 2000 or 2001, where his poem 'Suttum Vizhi' was part of the AR Rahman soundtrack with Hariharan rendering it. That movie had a song featuring Aishwarya rendered by Sadhana Sargam with many people wearing his masks too - it was very appealing. Only in 2006 when I was in the peak-level of digging into Carnatic music, I listened to the variety of his works in music and poetry - and learned about his writings on love, child's innocence, his respect for women, his patriotism for India, and world-peace... every aspect of life is portrayed in them... have immense respect for him since then.

Listen to Vellai Thamarai sung by Anuradha Vishwanathan and arranged by Kartick & Gotam of Earthsync

Tamil lyrics used in this track are only the Pallavi and Anupallavi of the song
Vellai tamarai puvil iruppal
vinai seiyum oliyil iruppal
kollai inbam kulavu kavidai kurum pavalar ullathilruppal
ulladam porul tediyunarde odum vedattin ulnintr olirval
kallamatra munivargal kurum karunai vasagarku oru porulaval

English translation of lyrics I could get...
She enthrones the white lotus,
Her presence is found in the veena note
She is in the heart of poets to sing joyous hyms
She glows in those enlightening verses of Sacred Vedas
She is found in those compassionate sayings of great saints

Also recommended listening to
1. Aasai Mugam by Sikkil Gurucharan and Anil Srinivasan
2. Suttum Vizhi by Hariharan
3. Pozhuthu Pularnthathu by Bombay Jayashree

Dikku theriyada kaatil by Bombay Jayashree from Kannamma album is also good.

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